Coming out as Transgender is emotionally, mentally and physically draining. In the preparation to come out we have faced our deepest fears. The announcement that we are Trans and are going to transition is often met with shock, and sadly rejection.

If coming out is met with rejection and aggression – there is a problem. Where does the Trans person go? Who can they turn to?

This is a crisis-point. Transgender people face many such points before, during and after transition. There is little or no support out there so to meet that gap the TransSwindon crisis support is being launched on 1 June.

At this time support consists of email via the contact facility and in the case of emergency a phone number. We have contacts that we can refer people to as their individual needs require. In the future we would like to see a safe space available as a temporary stop gap.

Gender specific hostels are not a safe environment and placing a transperson in such places is not beneficial to either the transperson or the residents already living there. Transition is a difficult time without this kind of thing happening, but it does and an alternative must be our ultimate goal.


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