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Meet Tazmin, known to many of us as Taz. A MtF transgender she has been living in fulltime RLE (Real Life Experience) for 19 months. She is waiting for GRS and is a parent of two lovely and supportive daughters.

Taz was 13 when she felt something wasn’t right. She experimented with fashion by borrowing from her mother’s and sisters’ wardrobes.

“It was an experience though a very unusual one.”

Working through her sexual and gender identity Taz often experimented with guys buy always took on the female role as that was how she felt comfy and right. Even so her mind kept coming back to the point that she shouldn’t have been born male. She knew she was in the wrong body and tried to get rid of the outward signs of manhood through self harming.

Becoming aware of her female identity released the pressure from Taz’s mind but still she tried to deny it and continued to live the lie. Self-harming continued until finally Taz got help for mental health problems but there was no resolution to the feelings of gender dysphoria.

In the late 90s Taz kept her sexuality quiet from her family until her mother found out and Taz ran away from home seeking safety in a homeless hostel.

“I couldn’t talk to my parents about my true feelings ”

Taz put herself and her body through years of hell until 2 years ago.

“I couldn’t cope inside”

Taz knew she needed help to get started, mental health services and doctors all got involved and sort HRT. She went shopping for female clothing, make up and grew her hair. With the support of friends, family and local the local transgender support group has enabled her to live in her true gender identity.

With the support of her partner, Kris,Taz has not let the ignorance of bigots laughing at her get her down and is now strong enough in her identity to go out as herself. With HRT changing her outward appearance to a more feminine one she considers the journey to be worth it, despite hormonal changes making her feel tired.


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