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Pride 2015 and Group Launch


This month has seen TransSwindon begin its role as an active group within both the LGBT community and the local community. Everyone who has spoken to or messaged me had only positive things to say.

For the first time Trans had a presence at Swindon Pride. So many people of all ages came up and talked to us about transgender issues. There is no way we can say our group is not needed.

Our own launch day was an amazing success. An emotional, exhausting, nerve-stretching, and did I say emotional day for us all. It was also a day from which we can all take a sense of pride in what we can do, what we have achieved and in ourselves.

Already we have had contact from people asking advice or seeking support – that is what we are here for. We also have a fantastic relationship with the local media and for those of us who talk with the media it may be difficult to be open about our personal journeys the fact is it is by being so we reach out to someone who feels alone, depressed and needs to talk.

The speeches and poetry readings at our launch event emphasized the problems transgender people and their families face and the lack of equal rights transgender people deal with on a daily basis. Bringing about an awareness through information and education is the strongest step forward we can make.

The T in LGBT cannot afford to be silent anymore and we are making the noise now. We are not going to be silenced.


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25 April 2015



In the last few months a group of us has been building a very tight team to take a stand at Pride and add a voice to the T in LGBT.

This year our focus is on healthcare and support for transgender individuals and their immediate families. So who are we.

We are from various walks of life and all at different stages of the transitional journey. We support each other and our loved ones through our journeys.

On these pages we will share our stories, the issues that concern us and friendship and support for those who need it. All of us have felt at one point or another that we are alone, but we have proved we are not.

We believe in human equality. We want human equality.